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Sedum Tile
  • Sedum Tile
  • Sedum Tile
  • Sedum Tile
  • Sedum Tile
  • Growing Zones: 3-9
    What's my zone?
    Mature Height: 6 inches
    Mature Width: 10 x 20 inches
    Sunlight: Sun or Shade
    Blooms: Summer
    Cannot Ship to: AZ
    This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

    Sedum Tile

    Sedum Tile
    • One Tile
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    1 Sedum Tile - 250 Plants - 1,000 Uses

    The brand new "Sedum Tile" is quickly becoming popular because...
    • you can let your imagination run wild with all the possible DIY projects
    • you get one 10 x 20 inch tile that contains up to 250 plants
    • you get a colorful variety of blooms that last all summer

    A New Kind of Gardening
    The "Color Splash" Sedum Tile isn't your typical plant. Instead of a perennial in a pot, you get up to 250 different sedum plants on a 10 x 20 inch tile. Treat it just like an art project- cut it up to make different designs for your patio table. Plant it in a boxed container and put a frame around it. Chop it up into small squares and plant them around your garden. And a thousand other uses too!

    Very Tough, Incredibly Easy to Grow
    This Sedum Tile is extremely adaptable. You'll get tons of blooms whether it is in full sun or shade. It even tolerates standing water... and it keeps coming back looking great all year. It's an evergreen, so it won't go dormant on you either. You can even walk on it- many people use it as a lawn substitute. it's practically indestructible!

    Thrives on Neglect!
    It's very easy to plant. Just till up your location's soil, drop down your sedum tile, and enjoy! That's it! It's called the "Drop and Grow" method. It will quickly root into the soil and begin to spread. It's drought resistant and tolerates standing water.

    We've Done the Hard Part For You!
    Your sedum tile is a vegetative mat system with the perfect blend of soil and plants. There are up to eight varieties of sedum in each tile, giving you plenty of color... designed to thrive in growing zones 3-9 (practically anywhere in the US).

    A Colorful Variety of Blooms that Last All Summer
    You get all sorts of colors from your Sedum Tile. Enjoy different shades of pink, yellow, white and green!

    A Thousand Uses...
    The possibilities are endless with your sedum tiles. Buy several for all your projects...
    • plant between pavers
    • use in a hanging garden
    • even makes a good lawn substitute
    • cut it into pieces and pot them up

    This is a brand new plant, so we only have a limited supply left... so be sure to get yours now before they're all gone!

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