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Thai Giant Elephant Ear
  • Thai Giant Elephant Ear
  • Thai Giant Elephant Ear
  • Thai Giant Elephant Ear
  • Growing Zones: 8-10
    What's my zone?
    Mature Height: 6-9 ft.
    Mature Width: 9-12 ft.
    Sunlight: Full - Partial
    Blooms: Summer
    Spacing: 6 ft.
    Botanical: Colocasia gigantea 'Thailand Giant'
    Plant Size 3 inch pots
    This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

    Thai Giant Elephant Ear

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    Nothing beats the WOW! Factor of this Tropical Giant!

    Huge Leaves Grow 5 to 6 Feet Long!
    Makes an Impressive Focal Point that Draws All Eyes
    At Home in a Large Pot or in a Garden Planting
    An Exotic Beauty with Rainforest Proportions
    There have been giant Elephant Ears in the past, but none touches Thai Giant for sheer size! The seeds from this strain were collected in Thailand just a little over a decade ago and brought to the U.S., so now we are able to offer this outstanding plant to our gardening friends. The plant grows rapidly to 8 or 9 feet tall and 9 to 12 feet wide, with individual leaves reaching up to 5, even 6 feet long. Grown in a large pot, it will be smaller, but still have enough presence to Wow all your visitors. A real conversation piece, and a lot of fun to watch grow, since it grows so quickly that you can see the difference from day to day. As an added plus, the rapid growth means it attains an impressive size even in northern areas with a short growing season. 
    Flourishes in a Container or in the Garden
    This massive plant will make an emphatic statement whether you grow it in a pot or in the ground. Like most plants, it will have a smaller stature when grown in a container, but it will grow quite happily in any location with plenty of water and plant food, as well as good drainage. It produces exotic looking seed heads, but it is grown for the foliage.
    You can Grow It for Years, Even in the North
    Zone 8 and south, simply cut it back after frost, mulch heavily, and wait for warm weather to renew your big baby. Further north, you can dig the tuber after frost has killed the leaves and store it indoors over the winter, covered with peat moss. When the weather warms up again, plant it out to enjoy for the summer.
    Growing Tips:
    This big beauty loves plenty of water and fertilizer to support its tremendous growth, but it also needs good drainage. It likes to be consistently moist; in the garden, if you have no rain for a week, give it a drink. Pots will need to be watered more frequently. 

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