Soulmate Milkweed Plant

Soulmate Milkweed Plant

Soulmate Milkweed Plant
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 3-8 outdoors

This plant may not thrive in your area

      3-8 outdoors
   Map 3-8 outdoors (hardy down to -30℉)
  • Mature Height: 3-4 ft.
  • Mature Width: 1-2 ft.
  • Sunlight: Full Sun
  • Blooms: Summer
  • Spacing: 2-3 ft.
  • Growth Rate: 1-2 ft.
  • Botanical Name: Asclepias incarnata 'Soulmate'
  • Does Not Ship To: AZ

Product Description

Your New Garden Soulmate

Don't pass on this garden treasure because of the word "weed" in Soulmate Milkweed's name (Asclepias incarnata 'Soulmate'). Milkweed is actually a North American native wildflower! Plant breeders have combined all the desirable traits of the native species into Soulmate's genetic makeup, but they've bred a more compact size into Soulmate's height '– it reaches a height of around 3 feet, compared to the species height of 5-6 feet '– which makes it perfect for smaller garden areas. Combining beauty and function in one package, Soulmate Milkweed can transform part of your garden into a butterfly habitat, a cutting garden and even a solution to your yard's drainage problems!

An Abundance of Benefits for Your Garden
Check off these merits of Soulmate Milkweed against your list of "must-haves":
• It's a perennial that flowers reliably year after year.
• The fragrant flowers '– arranged in tight clusters '– are a lovely shade of deep rose pink.
• Unlike most plants, Soulmate Milkweed's roots won't rot in soggy soil, and it even grows well in clay soil.
• It's deer- and rabbit-resistant. (The "milk" in milkweed refers to its milky sap, which these animals don't like.)
• It's also pest- and disease-resistant.

An Easy-Care Perennial
• Full sun is the key to maximizing growth and flower production.
• If you have low-lying spots or poorly draining areas in your yard or garden, Soulmate Milkweed is the answer. Native to swampy areas, this plant thrives in soggy soil that kills other plants. But it also grows in average garden soil; just be sure to keep it well watered.
• Milkweed plants prosper in clay soil, which presents gardening challenges for many plants.
• You don't need to use toxic chemical sprays for insects and diseases, because they leave Soulmate Milkweed alone!

Bring on the Butterflies!
Monarch butterflies flock to milkweed, because it's the host plant for all life stages of Monarchs. The adult butterflies feed on the nectar; they lay their eggs on the leaves; and the caterpillars that hatch feed on the leaves. Deer and rabbits may not like feeding on Soulmate Milkweed, but monarchs love it!

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