Flowering Groundcovers for Your Landscape

Flowering Groundcovers for Your Landscape

There are plenty of reasons to choose groundcover plants. A landscape plan just won’t look finished if there are bare spots or exposed roots. Groundcovers can address a lot of issues: filling in vacant areas, covering the bare “ankles” of taller plants and shrubs and minimizing garden maintenance. 

Vacant Areas

There are spots in the garden that may not be as lush as you’d like. This can happen when the soil is a little problematic or there is a transition from one bed to another. Steep slopes can also be a planting challenge.

Groundcover plants can address these challenges. Steep slopes can be conquered with hardy ground covers like junipers. These tough evergreens will grip the soil and prevent erosion. Vinca is another hardy plant for hillsides with variegated growth that blooms in pretty periwinkle from spring till fall.

Vinca will also tolerate less-than-ideal soil conditions. Another happy-go-lucky groundcover is Pink Muhly Grass. This tough grass is a drought-tolerant problem solver. Its rich color and interesting texture provide interest year-round.

Filling In the Gaps

Taller perennials and shrubs make a big statement above ground but their legs aren’t always pretty. A shrub’s trunk and a perennial’s stems can be camouflaged with groundcovers. A fluffy favorite is Emerald Pink Creeping Phlox. This plant isn’t fussy and fills in the lower layers of your landscape with a carpet of brilliant color every spring. The entire plant will be enveloped in blooms if you plant it in full to part-sun.

Minimizing Maintenance

Some gardeners prefer to enjoy their landscape rather than work in it. Investing in plants that require little in the ways of care is their first priority. Groundcovers typically have few needs other than water, soil and sun. They also help smother out weeds and made the landscape a little easier to manage.

Carpet roses provide a big impact with a small amount of maintenance. Drift Roses are easy to grow and bursting with color. They are hardy and disease-resistant repeat-bloomers that are willing to spread.

Investing in a good groundcover will make your landscape even more beautiful. Assess your needs to choose the best one for your yard.

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