Fragrance, Charm, and More: Knock Out Rose Spotlight

Fragrance, Charm, and More: Knock Out Rose Spotlight

The rose is a stand alone in the gardening world, historically and today. Arguably the most popular flower in American history, it is rare to find an experienced gardener that has not tried their hand at the cultivation of a rose bush. With fragrance, visual charm, and undeniable romance…the classic rose is just a flower that cannot get any better, right?

Well, that may be a matter of debate. Since their debut in 2000, Knock Out Roses have taken the gardening world by storm. Particularly, the Double Knock Out Rose. With up to twenty-five petals per single bloom, the Double Knock Out is easily twice the size of your average rose. Apparently, it’s now aimed at becoming twice as popular as well.

Knock Out Roses

Size, however, is not the only thing the Double Knock Out Rose has going for it. The Double Knock Out boasts an extended bloom period that can stretch into all four seasons. More compact than even the original Knock Out Rose, the Double has a home in even the most modest of planting spaces. Becoming increasingly known for pest and disease resistance, drought tolerance, and being the ultimate in low-maintenance, it’s no wonder gardeners all over the country have fallen head over heels for this amazing cultivar.

Available in classic rose hues, you won’t have to forgo that long cherished elegance with the Knock Out Roses. Looking for that romantic cherry red? The Red Double Knock Out Rose will deliver all the time honored tradition with twice the size and glowing with color. If a softer, more feminine bloom appeals to you, you will find all that and more with the Pink Double Knock Out Rose.


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