Flowering Trees

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Sold Out Muskogee Crape Myrtle Tree

Growing Zones: 6-9

Sold Out Black Diamond® Best Red™ Crape Myrtle Tree

Growing Zones: 6-9

Sold Out Hopi Crape Myrtle Tree

Growing Zones: 6-9

Sold Out Cherokee Brave Dogwood Tree

Growing Zones: 5-9

Sold Out Vitex Chaste Tree

Growing Zones: 5-9

Sold Out Butterfly Magnolia Tree

Growing Zones: 4-9

Sold Out Pink Bougainvillea Tree

Growing Zones: 9-11

Sold Out Catawba Crape Myrtle Tree

Growing Zones: 7-9

Sold Out White Tropical Hibiscus Tree

Growing Zones: 4-11

Sold Out Rainbow Knock Out® Rose Tree

Growing Zones: 4-11

flowering tree

Full, colorful blooms in nearly any climate.

From rich green background foliage to full, vibrantly-hued blooms from spring to summer and beyond, our Flowering Trees are fit to plant nearly anywhere. Whether you choose the iconic Crape Myrtle or a stunning Cherry Tree for the first blooms of the season, you'll have the perfect pick for your homescape.

How and When to Plant Flowering Trees

Who doesn't love the first sight of redbud blooms in the spring or the heavenly scent and elegance of Magnolia blossoms? As winter wanes and spring gains strength, Flowering Trees celebrate the arrival of warmer days by adding a colorful show to your garden...and since ours are hassle-free, they're even better.

Specific sunlight and watering needs will vary for your Flowering Trees, but knowing your growing zone is an important first step. After you’ve determined your zone, plan on planting your Flowering Trees in early spring or fall, before or after the threat of frost.

However, provided the ground is not frozen and temperature extremes are at bay, you're good to go on planting.

From there, planting couldn't be easier. Select an area with well-drained soil, dig a hole large enough to accommodate the tree’s root ball (along with a bit of extra width to grow), place your tree and backfill the hole. Finally, water your Flowering Trees to settle the soil and mulch to conserve moisture in the area.

When to Prune Flowering Trees

Pruning Tips

Don't be daunted - pruning is easy! For Flowering Trees that bloom in spring, prune when the flowers fade. Flowering Trees that bloom in summer should be pruned in winter or early spring for best results.

When you do prune, ensure you make your cuts at a 45-degree angle and use clean pruning shears, sterilized with alcohol. We recommend removing dead, diseased or damaged branches, along with any suckers growing lower on the trunk. Our rule of thumb: You want to ensure sunlight penetrates the canopy of your tree.

Pruning Technique

Pruning technique
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