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Firefly™ Nightglow™ Dwarf Honeysuckle
  • * images shown are of mature plants

    Firefly™ Nightglow™ Dwarf Honeysuckle

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    Growing Zones: 4-8
    Growing Zones: 4-8
    Mature Height: 2-3 ft.
    Mature Width: 2-3 ft.
    Sunlight: Full - Partial
    Spacing: 2-3 ft.
    Botanical: Diervilla x splendens ‘El Madrigal’ Firefly™ Nightglow™
    Cannot Ship to: AZ

    Brilliant Yellow Flowers and Vivid Red Leaves All Season Long

    Just as golden fireflies stand out against the darkness of a twilight sky, so do the bright-yellow flowers against the vibrant reddish-purple foliage of Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla (Diervilla x splendens ‘El Madrigal’). This striking color contrast is not only stunning, but it’s also long-lasting – the flowers bloom from spring through summer, and the foliage keeps its rich color throughout the season from its first appearance in spring. Adding to its beauty, Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla is a compact shrub that fills small garden spaces. And did we mention it’s also one of the easiest plants you’ll ever grow?

    International Award-Winning Plant
    The accolades keep pouring in for Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla. This brand-new plant introduction took home the prestigious 2017 Gold Medal at the Plantarium Plant Innovations Expo in Boskoop, Netherlands. After intense scrutiny against a host of competing plants, Firefly™ Nightglow™ earned the highest award. The judges were impressed with the same qualities that you want from the plants in your garden – rich foliage, vibrant flowers, compact form, cold hardiness, and low-maintenance attributes.

    Golden Honeysuckle Flowers
    You’ll notice that the yellow flowers look remarkably like honeysuckle flowers, which is no coincidence because Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla is a dwarf bush-honeysuckle plant! The cheerful blossoms are formed in clusters to give maximum color impact on this small shrub. Best of all, the flowers have a long blooming season so you’ll be able to enjoy their colorful display from spring through summer.

    Dramatic Red Foliage
    You won’t have to wait for autumn to see the foliage of Firefly™ Nightglow™ turn red. As soon as the leaves open in springtime, they’re already richly colored. They start red … and they stay red. The exact shade is deeper rather than brighter, more closely a dark reddish-purple or rich burgundy, which provides a sharp contrast to the bright-yellow flowers. As the growing season progresses to autumn, the foliage color becomes even more vibrantly red before the deciduous leaves fall from plants.
    Tip: Even though these plants tolerate partial shade, a full-sun location intensifies the foliage color.

    Cold-Hardy and Heat-Tolerant
    Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla possesses the coveted combination of cold hardiness and heat tolerance – it flourishes at both ends of the temperature spectrum! It grows as a perennial across USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 4 through 8 – from Maine to the Deep South – in a wide band across the U.S. that includes a wide diversity of climates and soils. And it handles them all with ease.

    Compact Shrub for Small Spaces
    Unlike other types of honeysuckle plants that grow as vines, Firefly™ Nightglow™ bush-honeysuckle is a shrub. As it grows, it doesn’t get out of hand as some types of vining honeysuckle plants have a tendency to do. Firefly™ Nightglow™ will add vibrant pops of color to a large landscape. And if you have a small landscape, this plant is definitely for you. It stays compact and beautifully symmetrical with an equal height and width – typically 2 to 3 feet tall and wide – which gives it a rounded shape when mature. This naturally neat and tidy form means you won’t have to prune Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla for it to maintain its beautiful appearance.

    Lush and Full Growth
    You won’t have sparse or spindly shrubs when you plant Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla in your yard or garden. As each plant matures, it becomes a multi-stemmed shrub that fills in bare areas and rounds out garden areas where other plants contribute a vertical look. The foliage is full-skirted, growing all the way to the ground.

    Light up Your Garden with This Native Plant
    As a North American native plant, Diervilla is naturally adapted to the growing conditions in your garden without needing you to fuss over it or provide special care. Firefly™ Nightglow™ was specifically bred as an improved variety of our native plant species. It not only adapts to less-than-desirable soil, but it actually thrives when planted in poor soil! If you enjoy watching butterflies and hummingbirds, you will love this plant. Trumpet-shaped flowers are sized perfectly for these tiny winged creatures, which are irresistibly drawn to the sweet nectar inside. If you plant a row of Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla shrubs along your side yard, you’ll attract scores of vital pollinators to your garden!

    Landscape Design Ideas
    Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla may not be as well-known as other flowering landscape shrubs, such as hydrangeas and camellias, but don’t let that prevent you from adding this superior plant to your sunny landscape. Here are some design suggestions for its perfect use in your yard or garden:

    Accent plant. If you only have room for one Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla shrub, make its presence count. Place it in a highly visible spot, perhaps near your front entrance, where its captivating foliage and brilliant flowers will charm you and your visitors.

    Foundation plant. If you have larger evergreen shrubs planted at your home’s foundation, Firefly™ Nightglow™ is a size-balanced counterpart when planted in front of them. After it drops its leaves in autumn, you’ll still have the evergreen backdrop from other shrubs to enjoy throughout winter. But during the growing season, you’ll love the stark contrast between the red foliage of Firefly™ Nightglow™ and the greenery of the evergreen shrubs behind it. Plus, you’ll also enjoy the bright-yellow flowers!

    Low-growing hedge. If you really want to maximize the colorful impact of this plant, grow it along the sides of your yard as a flowering hedge. Space plants 2 feet apart so that their mature size forms a living fence.

    Pollinator garden. If you want your landscape design to be bird- and butterfly-friendly, one step in that direction is planting a pollinator garden. Be sure to include shrubs, such as Firefly™ Nightglow™, as well as flowering annuals and perennials for a diverse pollinator garden.

    Cottage garden. In the loose, unstructured look of a cottage garden, Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla adds brush strokes of color. Plant a grouping of three shrubs at the corners of your cottage garden to add definition and provide a frame for other plants.

    Native plant garden. Native plant gardens are all the rage among gardeners who want to grow low-maintenance plants that don’t need a lot of tending. You’ll reduce the time you spend working in your garden while increasing the time you spend enjoying your garden – win-win!

    Container plant. Yes, you can easily grow Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla shrubs in containers! As these plants mature, their naturally mounded shape creates a billowy look to fill your prettiest pots. If you leave your plants in their pots year-round, remember that the roots will not be as insulated as they’d be when planted in the ground. But if you subtract two hardiness zones from its coldest perennial range to allow for its above-ground elevation, this still leaves Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla winter-hardy in containers as cold as Zone 6. Zones 4 and 5 gardeners will have to wrap the pot and place it in a sheltered, unheated location to protect the root system during winter.
    Tip: Don’t forget to keep your plant watered if you move the pot under an eave or other spot that doesn’t receive rainfall.

    No Pest Problems
    No significant insect pests or susceptibility to diseases – this describes the resiliency of Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla against many of the environmental pressures that plague other landscape plants. And it’s certainly a quality you want in your landscape plants. This shrub is even delightfully deer-resistant, which makes it a superior choice for rural gardens where hungry deer can shred other plants.

    Minimal Care Requirements
    Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla needs only a little bit of attention during its transition time in your garden. After this, it’s almost a care-free plant! Use this short checklist for a healthy start:

    Sun. Full sun will help keep this plant in the peak of health – at least 6 hours each day.

    Water. Keep your young plant watered well until it becomes established. Thereafter, natural rainfall typically takes care of its future watering needs. But if your climate experiences a period of drought, just make sure that you give your plants 1 inch of water each week.

    Fertilizer. Remarkably, Firefly™ Nightglow™ Diervilla requires very little fertilizer to flourish year after year. Add a slow-release granular fertilizer around each shrub at the beginning of the growing season – when the new leaves emerge – to help boost the flowering potential.

    Pruning. This is not required to keep mature shrubs naturally rounded, but if you want to rejuvenate older plants, you can cut them back hard – to 6 inches – in early spring.

    A Plant Treasure Found Growing Wild
    In 1699, a French surgeon named Dierville saw a North American native plant flowering in Canada during his travels. He was so struck by the plant’s beauty that he took it back to France and introduced it in Europe. This native plant was the bush-honeysuckle, which was named for him – Diervilla.

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