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Heritage River Birch
  • Heritage River Birch

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    Heritage River Birch
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    • Ships week of Mar 26
    • Free Shipping over $99 ends in
    • Free Organic Planting Mix with every order!
    • January is the Perfect Time to Plant!


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    Growing Zones: 4-9
    Mature Height: Up to 70 ft.
    Mature Width: Up to 60 ft.
    Sunlight: Full - Partial
    Blooms: April - May
    Spacing: 12- 14 ft.
    Botanical: Betula nigra
    Cannot Ship to: AZ

    Colossal Size Tree with Peeling Bark

    Fast Growing Tree Will Reach Massive Size
    The multi-trunked Heritage River Birch is an ornamental with quite a unique appearance. It has several stems that stretch out to form an enormous canopy of shade up to 60 feet wide and will reach heights up 70 feet!

    If you’re looking for a tree that grows quickly, this is a great choice. This birch can grow up to 30 inches each year.

    Exfoliating Bark Offers Everlasting Appeal
    Its mammoth size is impressive, but there is even more to love about this tree each season of the year. The most appealing feature is its pinkish brown bark that peels off to reveal a creamy-white bark underneath. Even in the winter, this deciduous tree is alluring. Various colors and textures of the bark offset the absence of foliage.

    Plant yours in a grouping to add visual interest to your assembly of trees, or plant it alone to adore from a window. Polish up the center of your yard by illuminating it with lighting at night.

    Graceful Silhouette with Amazing Color
    The Heritage River Birch stands out in the spring and summer months with a vast display of shiny green leaves. The 2 to 4 inch triangular shaped blades are shinier than other birch trees. As they start to flourish, you’ll see brown and green catkins appear - usually in April and May. Then around June, a large display of nutlets arise as female catkins mature. When the seasons change, so will the foliage on this charming tree. Autumn transitions the color of the foliage to a delightful yellow. The size of the tree combined with the radiant hues as the sun shines down, is a sight to see!

    Sturdy, Carefree Tree is Easy to Own
    This tree grows wild along Missouri riverbanks. While many species of birches have trouble with the heat from Zones 5-9, the Heritage River Birch is both heat and drought tolerant. It adapts well to both wet and dry planting sites and is better suited than most trees for areas of your landscape that are often inundated with water. It will withstand ice storms and even mild flooding with ease.

    There are no pests or disease problems with this tree either! Because of its adaptable characteristics, and various levels of tolerances, this birch does extremely well when planted in urban areas. Commercial property owners and park maintenance personnel prefer this particular low-maintenance birch.

    Cost Effective and Efficient Landscape Addition
    The Heritage River Birch has economic benefits. These large trees can cover a lot of space, which translates to less trees to purchase! They’re ideal if you have a lot of land, and especially for municipalities and business complexes.

    Just one tree can act as an effective wind screen and defense from harsh summer heat. Because of the shade it provides, you’ll see an extensive reduction in your electric bills.

    Wildlife Lovers Will Love This Tree
    This birch provides cover for many types of birds who appreciate its expansive, plush foliage. It’s the perfect safe-haven for nesting and cover from both storms and summer heat. The tree is a larval food source for Canadian Tiger Swallowtails and Mourning Cloaks, who are often accompanied by an array of colorful butterflies.

    Birdwatchers won’t be abandoned in the winter, as songbirds will stick around to dine on the small seeds which are a valuable source of nourishment.

    The beauty of the Heritage River Birch, combined with its incredible size makes it an exceptionally special tree. Order yours now!

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