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Ice Cream Banana
  • Ice Cream Banana
  • Ice Cream Banana
  • Ice Cream Banana
  • Ice Cream Banana
  • Ice Cream Banana

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    Growing Zones: 4-11 (potted) 9-11 (in ground)
    Mature Height: 15-20 ft.
    Mature Width: 8-10 ft.
    Sunlight: Full sun
    Blooms: Mid to late summer
    Spacing: 4-5 ft.
    Botanical: Musa Banana 'Ice Cream'
    Cannot Ship to: CA, FL, TX, LA, AZ

    Unique Blue Bananas that Taste Like Ice Cream!

    • Its like growing your own vanilla ice cream!
    • Produces a blue-hued fruit that the sweetest banana you have ever tasted.
    • It is like a tropical paradise with beautiful red flowers, huge leaves and fruit.
    • Withstands colder temperatures and high winds.

    The Healthy Way to Get Your Ice Cream!
    The perfect fruit for those with a sweet tooth. This may be the most beautiful banana fruit you have ever seen or tasted. Far more than just an ornamental curiosity, the fruit has the most unusual flavor. The outer "skin" is a bluish hue and the leaves are an unusual, lime green color that can add to any backyard (or front yard!) tropical paradise.

    Strong & Sturdy
    Though typical tree height is about 12 feet, with careful nurturing heights of up to 18 feet can be seen. The Ice Cream Banana Tree has a root system that is stronger than other banana tree varieties and as a result it can stand higher winds. This fact, coupled with its height, can make the Ice Cream Banana Tree an effective and unusual wind-break. Though banana trees are warm weather lovers, the Ice Cream Banana Tree is a bit more tolerant to cooler temperatures than most, making it a better tree for zone 8 or 9.

    Taste of the Tropics
    These trees are often grown for their giant, tropical leaves as well as their delicious fruit. Encouraging more leaf growth is a function of sun and shade. From full sun to about 30 percent shade, you will boost banana formation and the gorgeous red blossoms. From 30 percent to about 50 percent shade, you will be promoting more leaf growth. Please remember that bananas do best at 65°F and higher all year round.

    Perfect Patio Plant
    The Ice Cream Banana Tree can be planted in a large pot of at least 20 inches in fertile potting soil and it will be happy on your patio in summer. Water daily. When the cool weather approaches, simply move the pot to a sunny, indoor location. Plants maintained outdoors should be watered daily and fertilized once a week.

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