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Sky Pencil Combo Container Kit
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    Sky Pencil Combo Container Kit

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    Easily Assemble Multiple Plants in one Container!

    Have you tried to create outstanding container gardens but the plants you chose may have fizzled instead of dazzled? Our plant experts have solved this problem for you! The three plants included in this combination kit are not only color-coordinated and size-proportionate, but they also have similar growing needs. In other words, they “work well together.” We even include a large planter pot that’s ready to feature the plants -- you only have to provide the potting mix!

    Elegant and Colorful Plants
    (1) Sky Pencil Holly (Ilex crenata ‘Sky Pencil’ – Zones 5-9). A columnar holly that adds a touch of elegance to your container combination with its vertical accent. You won’t find spines on the small evergreen leaves -- it’s touch-friendly for easy planting!

    (3) Passionate Blush Gaura (Oenothera lindheimeri ‘SME-2’ PASSIONATE BLUSH™, for. Gaura lindheimeri – Zones 6-9). Masses of pink flowers bloom from spring ‘til fall on stems that are deep-red at the tips where new growth forms. Hummingbirds and butterflies are passionate for the flowers!

    (3) Angelina Stonecrop (Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’ – Zones 5-8). The electric lime-green foliage of this succulent plant is the perfect complement to the pink flowers of Passionate Blush Gaura. It quickly forms a thick groundcover with stems that spill over the edge of a container.

    Professional Potting Mix
    Instead of using soil from your yard or garden, which can become compacted in a container, use a soilless potting mix from your local garden center that’s formulated for use in outside containers. These professional blends are loose and porous, creating an oxygen-rich environment around your plant roots while allowing the water to drain well so the roots don’t become waterlogged. You won’t have to purchase fertilizer for your container garden if you use a soilless mix that also contains a slow-release fertilizer.

    Step by Step
    Go ahead -- have fun creating your masterpiece!

    1. Start with the potting mix. Fill your container with enough mix so you can position the Sky Pencil Holly in the center with the top of its soil resting about 2 inches below the container’s rim. This will leave you some space at the top so water can soak in instead of spilling over the rim at watering time.

    2. Place the plants. Add more potting mix to raise the soil level so you can position the smaller plants around the center plant. Place the three Passionate Blush Gaura plants with equal spacing between them around the base of the Sky Pencil Holly. Place the three Angelina Stonecrop plants in a similar arrangement, close to the edge of the pot, with an offset pattern instead of directly in line with the Passionate Blush Gaura.

    3. Add more potting mix, fertilizer and water.Gently firm more potting mix around all your plants without packing the mix too tightly. Add fertilizer (unless your potting mix contains this) by sprinkling slow-release granules formulated for outside container gardens according to the label directions. Water your plants thoroughly, and enjoy!

    Design Touches
    This plant combination makes an impressive entryway container. For symmetry, place two containers – one on each side of your sidewalk or at the base of your front stairs – in a sunny spot. You can also place this potted combo directly in your flower garden as a focal point or anchor plant.

    Three Simple Maintenance Tips
    Sun, water and fertilizer is all your finished container garden will need.

    1. Place your potted container where it receives plenty of sun. These plants can handle some afternoon shade, but they won’t perform as well in full shade.

    2. Give your container plants plenty of water, remembering that the roots will dry faster in a pot than they would in the ground. Water thoroughly – until the excess runs out the drainage hole of the container. Keeping the soil slightly moist may require several weekly waterings during hot summers.

    3. If you use a soilless mix that contains fertilizer, you can skip this step! But if it doesn’t, apply fertilizer as a slow-release or water-soluble product, and follow all label recommendations.

    Watering During Vacation
    If you’re planning a vacation for more than several days, see if a neighbor or friend can water your container garden while you’re away. As an option, move all your container plants to a shady spot (short-term shade won’t hurt them) and set up an easy wick-watering system. Place one end of a cotton fabric strip (from an old t-shirt) into a bucket of water and press the other end into the soil of your container. The cloth will wick the water from the bucket to your container, keeping your plants watered until you return!

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