5-in-1 Pear Tree Pyrus communis sp.

5-in-1 Pear Tree

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5-in-1 Pear Tree Pyrus communis sp.

Product Description

5 Pear Varieties on 1 Tree!

The 5-in-1 Pear Tree is a true wonder, since it bears 5 different pears from just one tree. Because we've hand-grafted 5 varieties onto a single trunk, you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind fruit tree with a plethora of pears! 

While we can't guarantee the Pear varieties you'll get on this tree, you will get five varieties of delicious, home-grown fruit to enjoy for years to come!

    Our 5-in-1 Pear Tree provides a long season of delectable pears, growing from June through September. Every few weeks, a new pear type will produce with another soon to follow. And since it’s self-pollinating, you won’t need other trees to maintain this abundant one!

    Though it provides bountiful fruit, it’s also a lovely tree to enhance any landscape. In fall, the color changes to a beautiful autumnal hue. Plus, it’s perfect for planting outdoors in Zones 5-8, and it can even tolerate temperatures as low as -10°, making it ideal for many climates.

    Reaching about 15-20 feet in height, this tree will create an orchard for your own backyard, lasting through fall and winter. And because it's size is fairly compact, it's easy to grow in spaces small and large.

    Whether you want to keep these yummy pears for yourself or gift them to loved ones, the 5-in-1 Pear Tree is the perfect addition to your backyard. Order yours today!

    Planting & Care

    1. Planting: Dig a hole three times the size and just as deep as the root ball. You want to be careful that the tree does not settle too low in the soil. After the hole is dug, carefully loosen and unwind any roots as necessary. Plant the tree so that the roots are spread in the hole and the entire root ball is covered with soil. Fill in the hole completely and gently remove air pockets that may have formed by tamping down with a spade. Then, water the tree thoroughly after the tree has been planted.

    2. Watering: Water your pear tree as necessary giving it at least 1 or 2 inches of water once a week. When the weather gets hot and dry during the peak of summer, increase the amount of water to maintain proper hydration and moisture. Do not water the pear tree after the first frost in the fall. You should resume watering once the last frost has past.

    3. Pruning: When pruning, it’s important to trim the pear tree’s central leader to promote an upright position. If there are any competing branches present, remove them so that multiple leaders do not form. Maintain the tree’s natural shape by pruning large, lateral branches. Dead, dying or wilted branches should always be removed to help the Pear Tree focus its energy on growing healthy and producing an abundance of fruit.

    Pruning Tip: Sterilize your cutting tool(s) with rubbing alcohol in between cuts to ensure pathogens don't get into your plant. 

    4. Pests: Pear trees are susceptible to insects such as maggots, moths, scale and aphids. To prevent infestation of these and other pests, treat with an insecticide in the early spring. Signs of infestation to be watchful for include yellowing or browning of foliage, rotted or eaten fruit and nibbled leaves. Spray the tree with the insecticide according to the directions on the label.

    5. Harvesting Tips:

    • Harvest pears at the end of the growing season (October-November). Watch the fruit regularly, as it will require two to three weeks to harden before harvest.
    • Pick pears when they have reached full color and size and are firm to the touch. Check the tree daily and pick fruit every two to three days until your harvest is complete.

    Pollination Info

    5-in-1 Pear Tree Pollination

    5-in-1 Pear Trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional 5-in-1 Pear Tree will drastically increase the size of your crop.

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    Product Details

    Growing Zones: 5-8 outdoors
            5-8 outdoors
     Map 5-8 outdoors (hardy down to -10℉)
    • Mature Height: 15-20 ft.
    • Mature Width: 8-10 ft.
    • Sunlight: Full Sun
    • Blooms: Spring
    • Spacing: 8-10 ft.
    • Growth Rate: Slow
    • Does Not Ship To: AZ, AR, CA, ID, LA, WA

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