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Root Rocket® All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer

  • Root Rocket® All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer
  • Root Rocket® All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer

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Root Rocket® All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer

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  • 16 oz Fertilizer $9.99

Product Description

Kick-Start Plant Growth, Naturally

Love our Root Rocket®? Then you'll love this Root Rocket® All Purpose Organic Fertilizer, created for you by the same expert horticulturists and plant experts!

Formulated to enrich soil and promote growth in all plants and trees, our Root Rocket All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer includes the nutrients your plants need. A balanced 4-4-4 blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, this organic fertilizer also contains beneficial bacteria that help build a healthy soil microbe.

The best part? No harmful chemicals. Organic fertilizers are the best choice to promote safe, healthy growth. And this one is full of nutrients and organic matter to help plants and trees perform.

And it's easy to use! Just sprinkle around the base of plants and trees and add water. Reapply every 30-45 days to see continued benefits.

This All-Purpose Fertilizer can be used on any plants and trees in your landscape, for fast, efficient application.

  • All organic
  • All purpose
  • All plants and trees
  • All season long!

Kick-start your landscape and get healthier, happier plants and trees with our All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer. Get yours today!

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