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Avocado Tree Care Kit

  • Also includes in-depth instructions

    Also includes in-depth instructions

  • Avocado Tree Care Kit

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Avocado Tree Care Kit

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Product Description

Larger Avocado Harvests, Effortlessly

Amazing products built by expert growers. Our Avocado Care Kit delivers essential gardening components…components made with top-quality ingredients that are used by industry professionals. Our optimized kit includes:

  • A double dose of 18-5-10 slow-release fertilizer
  • Twice the amount of micronutrient nutritional applicator
  • Bloom-helper micronutrient in the pack's two vials
  • Thyme Oil Insecticide

These five pieces to your kit help your Avocado Tree’s nutrient uptake using the natural elements of your soil. Even better? It increases your surrounding soil’s ability to hold water, so it nurtures your tree amazingly. These formulas work with essential vitamins that plants crave, correcting any nutritional deficiencies along the way.

All the pieces of this go-to kit aid your surrounding soil, so your planting area is reinvigorated. That means more healthful Avocado Trees, along with faster growth and a bigger, better harvest of fruit, right at home.

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