Blushing Knock Out® Rose Rosa x ‘Radyod’ BLUSHING KNOCK OUT

Images shown are of mature plants

* Images shown are of mature plants

Blushing Knock Out® Rose Rosa x ‘Radyod’ BLUSHING KNOCK OUT

Product Description

3 Hours of Sun Each Day is All This Rose Needs to Bloom

It's almost unheard-of in the rose world. By their nature, roses need 6 to 8 hours of sun each day to produce lots of beautiful flowers. But we've got a rose that smashes that requirement by cutting it in half '– Blushing Knock Out® (Rosa x 'Radyod' BLUSHING KNOCK OUT). In fact, the Missouri Botanical Garden notes that Blushing Knock Out's most notable characteristic is its ability to bloom with only 3 hours of direct sun each day. But that's not the only outstanding feature of this impressive plant. It blooms all season long, and it's even disease-resistant!

Clusters of Blush-Pink Flowers
Unless you've been hiding under a rock since 2000, you've heard about Knock Out roses. That's the year the original Knock Out rose was introduced, which was the result of a revolutionary breakthrough in rose breeding. You'll enjoy all the same characteristics of the original but in a lighter shade of pastel pink to brighten your landscape. As each blush-pink flower begins to fade, it lightens in color to shell-pink, which means you'll see a variety of soft-pink hues on your plants at the same time. Most of the 3- to 3.5-inch blooms are single-petaled, but you may also see some semi-double flowers. And don't expect to see just a modest splash of color on these shrubs; Blushing Pink Knock Out rose bushes create a riot of color because of the sheer numbers of flowers they produce. And they have another growing habit that makes a profound impact statement '– the flowers are produced in bundles!

Continuous Blooms from Spring 'til Frost
If you want optimal flower power from a rose bush, you definitely want an everblooming plant. Blushing Knock Out Rose keeps pumping out flower after flower for a long bloom season that begins in late spring and continues through autumn! It's only the arrival of frost that stops these plants from blooming for the season. You may see waves of flowers that alternately produce heavier bloom sets followed by lighter bloom sets, but your plants will keep working all season long.

No Deadheading Needed
Most types of roses need lots of attention to keep looking their best and to keep producing flowers. This includes deadheading '– cutting off all the spent flowers to make way for more blooms that will eventually take their place. But Blushing Knock Out Rose is a "self-cleaning" plant, which means that you don't have to cut off the old flowers for new ones to form! And even easier ?… as old flowers fade, their petals fall from the Blushing Knock Out shrubs so you won't have to look at a lot of dead flowers that persist on your plants long after the flowers are spent!

Not Too Small; Not Too Large; It's Just Right
Talk about a shrub for almost any garden '– we think the Blushing Knock Out Rose meets that need. Not only does it bloom with only 3 hours of direct sun each day, but it also maintains a compact shape that fits into smaller garden spaces. Its mature size reaches only 3 to 4 feet tall with an equal width, so it's perfect for tucking here and there to provide a burst of bloom in otherwise small, nondescript spaces. It does not have an invasive root system, so you can even grow it as a foundation plant. If you stagger it in front of evergreen shrubs behind it, you'll instantly create a double-row design, in which the evergreens form a solid green background to complement the masses of pink flowers in front!

This Rose is the Epitome of Easy Care
Have you ever visited a botanical garden and wondered why in the world you could not also grow beautiful roses that seem to bloom effortlessly and always retain their lush, green foliage like the ones you saw at the botanical garden? It's because most roses aren't an easy group of plants to maintain in the peak of health. Many types of roses are so labor-intensive that botanical gardens often employ a horticulturist or even a rosarian, a rose specialist, just to keep their rose garden maintained in tip-top shape. Rosarians not only have the specific knowledge to do this, but they also have the time '– it's their full-time job! And we'll venture a guess here ?… you probably don't have the time in your schedule '– or the inclination '– to micromanage the roses in your garden. Choose Blushing Knock Out as the next rose for your garden, and your neighbors will think you've hired your own rosarian! This shrub is so easy to manage that it truly is a knockout in any garden, even for beginners.

Excellent Disease Resistance
At the top of the list of Blushing Knock Out Rose's easy-care attributes is its unsurpassed disease resistance in the rose world. If you've ever grown roses and fought the continual battle against black spot disease, you know exactly what we mean. Black spot is so persistent that it is frustratingly difficult to get under control, no matter how many chemicals you spray on your roses. And there are other rose diseases, such as powdery mildew and rust, which are also tough to manage. Do you really want to introduce a lot of unhealthy chemicals in your landscape just to enjoy pretty flowers? An environmentally (and people- and pet-friendly) responsible choice is selecting plants that are naturally disease-resistant. Blushing Knock Out Roses are highly resistant to black spot, powdery mildew, rust, and rose rosette diseases.
Healthy growing tip: When you keep your roses healthy, they are better able to withstand diseases. Always water your rose bushes at their base. When the foliage stays wet from overhead sprinklers or garden-hose waterings, that moisture creates a breeding ground for fungal pathogens.

Spectacular Presentation in Containers
Blushing Knock Out Rose is a stunning work of art as a container plant! Large urns, rustic barrels, and round pots provide different design options to suit your individual preference. All you have to do is choose a pot that's two sizes larger than the root ball of your plant, use a professionally blended potting mix, place the container in a sunny spot, and keep your plant watered! If you live in a cold climate that's outside Blushing Knock Out Rose's perennial range across USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 through 11, you can leave your potted rose outside until the first frost of autumn. But then you'll need to tuck the container inside your basement or garage. Keep it lightly watered through the winter so its roots don't dry out, and then simply set it back outside in spring after the last frost '– easy!

Dramatic All-Season Flowering Hedge
We don't think you could plant a hedge that produces more flowers over a longer growing season than Blushing Knock Out Rose. If you want color '– and lots of it '– space individual Blushing Knock Outs 3 to 4 feet apart along your property boundary, across the expanse of a fence line, or in a hedge row anywhere in your landscape. The thorns will deter unwanted visitors, which is another plus!

How Much Pruning is Required?
Your plants will not need pruning to keep flowering, year after year. But if you want to shape them, prune in late winter to early spring. You can make small cuts here and there, or you can prune them back to any height that's at least 12 inches from the ground '– the choice is yours! We recommend not doing any hard pruning for a least a couple of years, when your plants are fully established.

What about Fertilizer?
You can wait until the year after transplanting your Blushing Knock Out Rose before fertilizing it, but wait until after at least one bloom cycle before applying any fertilizer. After that, you can apply a fertilizer that's specially formulated for roses, observing all label directions. Typically, you won't fertilize beyond late summer so that you do not encourage tender new growth during the time that your plants are preparing for their winter dormant period. It's always best to have a soil test performed '– your local Cooperative Extension Service can do this from a soil sample you take them '– so you'll know if fertilizer is needed. If you do get a soil test, also check the soil's pH at that time. Blushing Knock Out Roses grow best on soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5.

Cold-Climate Winter Protection
After the first frost of autumn, add 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the base of your Blushing Knock Out plants to help insulate the roots. If you live in a climate where winters are particularly harsh, you may also need to wrap your plant with burlap. When the weather warms in spring, simply remove the burlap and pull the mulch back away from the canes. And then get ready for another season of awesome flowers!

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 5-11 outdoors

            5-11 outdoors
     Map 5-11 outdoors (hardy down to -10℉)
  • Mature Height: 3-4 ft.
  • Mature Width: 3-4 ft.
  • Sunlight: Full to Partial Sun
  • Blooms: spring til fall
  • Spacing: 3-4 ft.
  • Growth Rate: 3 ft.
  • Does Not Ship To: AZ

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