Gardenia 'Veitchii' Shrub Gardenia jasminoides 'Veitchii'

Gardenia 'Veitchii' Shrub

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Gardenia 'Veitchii' Shrub Gardenia jasminoides 'Veitchii'

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Product Description

Double Flowers on an Everblooming Gardenia

The intoxicating fragrance of gardenia blossoms is often short-lived because most cultivars flower only in summer. And once the blooms fade, you have to wait an entire year to savor their tantalizing scent again. But the Gardenia 'Veitchii' (Everblooming Gardenia) is a rare exception. Double, white flowers make their appearance throughout all four seasons of the year on this everblooming gardenia, perpetually perfuming your garden.

Looks Beautiful Year-Round
1. Sight and scent. A sensory delight, Gardenia 'Veitchii' infuses the air with the unmistakable scent that is unique to gardenias. The sight of its creamy-white gardenia blossoms evokes feelings of serenity to help you unwind after a long day.

2. Evergreen. Lustrous leaves of glossy green densely cover plants, which keep their foliage year-round.

3. Shade-tolerant. Gardenia 'Veitchii' grows in sunny locations, but it also tolerates partial shade.

Handles the Heat
Gardenia 'Veitchii' prospers as a perennial shrub in the warm climates of USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 8 through 10. Find a spot for Four Seasons Gardenia in your border garden, where its perfect placement is in the transition zone between sun and shade. Grow Four Seasons Gardenia as a container plant, and place the pots near open windows so you can enjoy its fragrance inside as well as outdoors.

Grows with Minimal Maintenance
After it's established, Gardenia 'Veitchii' requires little care. Use this checklist to optimize healthy growth:

Planting tip. Don't plant your Everblooming Gardenia too deeply or the plant may rot. Keep the top of the rootball level with '– or slightly higher than '– the surface of the soil.

Sun. Four to six hours of sun each day, with afternoon shade, is ideal.

Soil. Plants respond to rich, well-draining soil that's amended with compost or other organic ingredients.

Water. Keep the soil slightly moist but never wet or waterlogged.

Mulch. A 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch will help keep the roots cool and conserve soil moisture.

Fertilizer. During the growing season, apply a fertilizer formulated for acid-loving plants and follow label directions. Use fish emulsion or blood meal as an organic alternative.

Pruning. You won't need to prune your Everblooming Gardenia for it to flower each year, but remove flowers as they finish blooming and trim away broken or dead branches.

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 7-9 outdoors

            7-9 outdoors
     Map 7-9 outdoors (hardy down to 10℉)
  • Mature Height: 2-3 ft.
  • Mature Width: 1-3 ft.
  • Sunlight: Full to Partial Sun
  • Spacing: 2-3 ft.
  • Growth Rate: up to 2 ft.

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