Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Tree

Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Tree
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 4-8 outdoors

(hardy down to -20℉) 
      4-8 outdoors
   Map 4-8 outdoors
Mature Height:
8-12 ft.
Mature Width:
2-3 ft.
Full Sun
10-20 ft.
Growth Rate:
up to 2 ft.
Botanical Name:
Malus domestica 'Scarlet Sentinel'
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Product Description

You'll do a Double Take!

Looking for all the world like an old-fashioned May pole '– adorned with clusters of apples instead of braided ribbons '– Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Tree (Malus domestica 'Scarlet Sentinel') is not your average apple tree! Think of a vertical appearance instead of horizontal branching to picture the growth habit on this revolutionary tree. Form and function merge into this outstanding fruit tree, which is sure to be your next favorite addition to your garden design.

Compact, Narrow Growth
If you pruned a conventional apple tree so all its branches were clipped close to the main trunk, you'll have an idea of what Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Tree looks like. But its growth develops into this form naturally, without requiring you to prune it to maintain this shape. Short spurs instead of long branches grow from the trunk to give Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Tree its unusual perfect-posture quality.

High Yields and Sweet Taste
You might expect a dwarf apple tree that has short spurs instead of branches to produce tiny apples. Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Tree defies this perception with a delightful surprise --you'll harvest full-sized apples! The fruit is deliciously sweet and beautifully colored with a greenish-yellow blush splashed across a predominantly red background. And you won't see a token scattering of apples on this tree. Each mature tree yields up to 75 pounds of apples!

Fresh is Best
The freshest fruits you can eat are the ones you grow in your own backyard, because as soon as fruits are harvested, they immediately begin to lose their nutrients. Although apples have a long storage life in your refrigerator, retaining many of their nutrients over time, their maximum healthy potential is reached as soon as you pick them. Supermarket apples may have already been in cold storage for a long time, and traveled a great distance to reach your store (sometimes from other countries). The investment of buying your own apple tree pays off many times over because of the healthy harvests you'll have, year after year!

Packed with a Healthy Punch
Overwhelming research results laud the healthy benefits of apples. Each apple you eat is:

Fat-free. You can eat plenty of apples without worrying about adding extra fat to your diet. Apples are a naturally sweet snacking alternative to fatty desserts.

Salt-free. Apples make a terrific contribution to a salt-free or salt-restricted diet.

Fiber-rich. You'll receive the same amount of dietary fiber that a bowl of bran cereal contains simply by eating one apple.

Antioxidant-rich. Apples are a rich source of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that may help repair cells and strengthen your body against disease.

Pectin-packed. Pectin is a soluble fiber that aids digestion and lowers LDL cholesterol.

April Showers Bring White Flowers
Even though you'll purchase Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Trees for the fruit they bear, you'll receive double the value because of the flowers they produce. A flurry of densely clustered flowers bursts into bloom in springtime to add another dimension of beauty to Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Tree's desirable qualities. Traditional apple blossoms of snow-white, sometimes with the slightest tinge of pink, signal the arrival of spring and hint at the harvest of apples you'll enjoy in autumn.

You Won't Have to Spray for Prevalent Disease
You can eat Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apples right off the tree, without worrying about pesticide residue, because they are resistant to apple scab. This fungal disease is very prevalent among apple varieties, particularly in climates that have cool, wet weather in spring, followed by rainy summers. Symptoms include brown spots on leaves and fruits. As the infection progresses, brown spots on the apples become larger until they form large, inedible areas that are deformed and may crack open. Once apple trees show symptoms of apple scab, the disease is difficult to control. So gardeners typically have to start an intensive spray regimen as a preventive measure in early spring, often spraying chemicals every two weeks throughout the season.

Tip: Resistance does not equal immunity; in other words, although Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Trees are resistant to apple scab disease, poor growing practices may compromise their resistance and make them susceptible to disease.

Elegant Design Touches
A pillar of white flowers, followed by a narrow column of leaves and ending with scarlet-red apples in fall is a winning combination for long-season landscape-design possibilities. Plant a trio of Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Trees as anchor plants in a triangular bed or island. Grow a pair of trees, one on either side of the sidewalk that leads to the entrance to your front door. Position multiple trees on both sides of an arbor or pergola to welcome visitors to your garden. Butterflies are irresistibly drawn to the flowers of Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Trees, which makes this plant a wildlife-friendly addition to your butterfly garden.

Small Yard (or No Yard) -- No Problem!
The slender growth of Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Trees opens up many container possibilities for your yard or garden. If you have a small landscape, you can punch up the design potential without overwhelming its scale by the judicious use of container plants. Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Tree's mature in-ground height reaches an average of 8 to 12 feet, but its container size may reach only half this height. Combine the shorter height with a width that reaches only 2 feet, and you have a beautiful potted plant to place in tight spots. Even if your home is an apartment, you can plant Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Trees in large pots for your patio.

Note: You'll need enough growing space to plant another variety of apple tree for cross-pollination.

A "Pollen Buddy"
The secret to a plentiful harvest of apples lies in the way apple tree flowers are fertilized. (Only fertilized flowers will develop into fruit.) An apple tree's flowers need the pollen from a nearby apple tree '– called cross-pollination '– to be fertilized successfully. The two trees must be different varieties (or different cultivars) for successful fertilization. So be sure to order a "pollen buddy" for your Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Tree to ensure plenty of apples at harvest time!

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