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Ideal Patio Plants and Patio Fruit for Gardeners

Ideal Patio Plants and Patio Fruit for Gardeners

No Yard? No Problem!

You’re tired of hearing your gardener friends talk about their lush backyards. Boasts of flower rows and towering fruit trees fill every conversation once spring hits. You, on the other hand, lack a lawn. But you do have a patio. This is fertile ground for a container garden. So, instead of having yard envy, you can create a potted garden that will give fellow gardeners patio envy.

There are tons of flowers, vines, and fruit trees that flourish in pots. Plus, you have the added benefit of moving things around (unlike the ground) to suit your landscape designs. Furthermore, if pests or disease infiltrate a plant, you can easily isolate it from the others.

Ready to get your patio growing?

Here are some of the best patio plants and patio fruit to choose from.


The fragrant piney leaves of the Rosemary will have you snipping with the scissors every day. Its evergreen properties and gorgeous blue flowers in the summer make it the perfect patio/culinary plant. Plus, its non-fussy nature makes you enjoy it even more. You can choose from the traditional Rosemary, the towering Barbecue Rosemary, or get creative with the Rosemary Bonsai.


This herb is widely used in soaps, sachets, and potpourris for its soothing scents. It’s also a great accent in the patio with its diversity of flower colors. You can choose the Munstead Blue Lavender for its unique shocking blues, or the Hidcote Lavender for the traditional purple colors.

Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree

Time to get tropical with this exotic addition to your patio. This cold hardy wonder of the banana family can produce up to 90 bananas a year. And thanks to the Cavendish Banana Tree’s 6-8 foot maximum height, it’s perfectly happy in a pot. Best of all, this tree is pest and disease free.

Moro Blood Orange

Not all oranges are created equal! The delicious blood orange is a staple in the culinary world, as well as being a nutrient powerhouse. The Moro Blood Orange Tree is perfect in a container, and it can stand temps down to 27 degrees F. The fragrant citrus blossoms will fill up the air before giving way to an abundance of fruits. This is a must have for any patio landscape.

Star Jasmine

Some of the best growers in containers are jasmine. The Star Jasmine displays white pinwheel shaped flowers nestled against glossy emerald leaves. The honey fragrances will fill your patio and inside your home. Since this vine is a night-bloomer, you should catch the jasmine show on a moonlit night. The vine is low maintenance, and it can be easily trained on a simple trellis.

Purple Queen Bougainvillea

This vine lives up to its royal name. Waves of purple flowers will bloom up to three different times in the growing season. Plus, the Purple Queen Bougainvillea is super low maintenance, and it can handle drought like a cactus once established. This is a perfect plant for trellises or you can create a dramatic waterfall look by letting it freely drape over a wall. And, if you live more North (above Zone 8), you can bring the Bougainvillea inside in the winter, and it will stand out as the Queen of all houseplants.

Tropical Hibiscus Trees

These incredible trees of the tropics will add a punch to your patio that will draw envy from three neighborhoods over. The dwarf varieties never reach more than eight feet, and they can be added to a backdrop of shorter fragrant plants like lavender. Plus the maintenance is low, and the Tropical Hibiscus is widely known as a “plant it and forget it” style of tree. If you live above Growing Zone 9, you can bring the Hibiscus inside for a houseplant renaissance!

Patio Plant Power

As you can see, you don’t need a backyard to design a garden landscape that rivals any ground grown bed. All you need are containers, potting soil, and a patio to create the garden of your dreams.


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