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Royal Poinciana
  • Royal Poinciana
  • Royal Poinciana
  • Royal Poinciana
  • Growing Zones: 4-11 (potted) 10-11 (in ground)
    What's my zone?
    Mature Height: 20-45 ft.
    Mature Width: 12-15 ft.
    Sunlight: Full Sun
    Blooms: Summer
    Spacing: 12-15 ft.
    Botanical: Delonix Regia
    Cannot Ship to: AZ
    This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

    Royal Poinciana

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    One of the World’s Most Striking Flowering Trees!

    The Royal Poinciana Tree is one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts.
    Here’s why…
    Excellent shade tree
    Little to no maintenance
    Container friendly
    Wildlife attractant
    This fast growing deciduous tree creates a canopy of fiery red flowers that will make your home the beacon of the neighborhood. Massive 6 inch blooms adorn the tree from late spring to early summer. Not to be outdone by the blooms, the fernlike foliage create a lush contrast to the fiery flower display. Bird lovers will rejoice at the sight of numerous songbirds and hummingbirds that can’t resist the blooms or the brown seed pods. It’s botanical name is Regia which means royal or magnificent, a perfect name for such a majestic tree!
    No Fuss Here
    Once your Poinciana is established, you’ll barely have to give attention to this tree, other than to admire its stately looks. Pruning is unnecessary except to remove low branches. Since the Poinciana can handle drought easily, you can supplement watering only during dry periods. It also has a high wind resistance, but it can stand gusts even better with a low branch prune. Pests and disease are rarely an issue. The Poinciana loves full sun, and it can handle almost any kind of soil except for clay. For best growth, use a well-drained soil along with a rich organic compost. Feed three times a year with an organic flowering tree fertilizer (2-10-10).
    Careful Planting
    Your Poinciana is a great tree for a large yard in climates that don’t go below 45 F in the winter. The Poinciana is a fast grower (5 feet a year), so make sure you plant the tree no closer than 15 feet from your home. Also plant away from driveways and sidewalks since the long shallow roots can create foundation issues. Use the Poinciana as a single specimen tree and don’t plant anything underneath the tree since its roots will outcompete for nutrients with other plants. But, consider using companion plants, like a hibiscus or goldmound spirea, in other parts of your yard to complement the tree’s brilliant reds.
    Northerners, urban dwellers, and small yard owners can even enjoy the wonders of the poinciana thanks to its container adaptability. Imagine this tropical beauty livening up your patio or sunroom! 
    Get this most royal of trees today. Your yard and neighborhood will never be the same!

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