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    Sundown Orange Bougainvillea Vine

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    • Vine grown in 6 inch pot
    • Order now, get it by Saturday, November 24
    • Free Shipping over $79 for !
    • Now is the Perfect Time to Plant!
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    Organic Planting Mix
    Root Rocket Fertilizer
    Growing Zones: 4-11 (potted) 8-11 (in ground)
    Growing Zones: 4-11 (potted) 8-11 (in ground)
    Mature Height: 10-30 ft.
    Mature Width: 10-20 ft.
    Sunlight: Full Sun
    Blooms: Spring
    Spacing: 6 ft.
    Botanical: Bougainvillea 'Sundown Orange'
    Cannot Ship to: AZ, LA

    Add Sizzle to Your Landscape with Hot Color

    Sundown Orange Bougainvillea Vine adds fiery splashes of color to your garden with multicolored blossoms that open as bright orange before changing to shades of coral and pink. Although the true flowers are tiny and hard to see, the showy bracts that surround the flowers are the real attention-grabbers. If you want to jump-start your garden’s design impact, add some knockout color with Sundown Orange Bougainvillea Vine!

    3 Outstanding Features
    1. Colorful blooms. The transitioning shades of color on Sundown Orange Bougainvillea Vine bump up the eye appeal compared to solid-color flowers on other plants.

    2. Low-Maintenance. Plants are drought- and salt-tolerant, and disease- and deer-resistant.

    3. Hummingbird and butterfly magnet. Sundown Orange Bougainvillea Vine’s flowers lure these tiny winged creatures to your garden.

    Design Options
    Fortunate gardeners in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 8 through 11 can grow Sundown Orange Bougainvillea Vine year-round as perennials. This versatile plant can be trained over trellises and arbors, draped over pergolas and grown as scrambling fence covers. But even gardeners outside its hardiness range can enjoy Sundown Orange Bougainvillea Vine as an exceptional container plant, which can be moved indoors during cold weather.

    Healthy Growth
    Give Sundown Orange Bougainvillea Vine these requirements that are most conducive to its growth, and reap the reward of its sumptuous blooms:

    Sun. Lots of sun needed for this plant to reach its maximum flowering potential -- at least 6 hours each day.

    Soil. It’s not too fussy about the type of soil, but it needs good drainage and an optimal soil pH of 5.5-6.5.

    Water. Don’t overwater this plant; less is best. Although new plants need more water to help develop a strong root system, established plants like the soil a tad on the dry side.

    Fertilizer. Fertilize with a slow-release product once in spring or with a water-soluble product once a month.

    Pruning. A word of caution -- when pruning, wear gloves because this plant has thorns. Sundown Orange Bougainvillea Vine can be pruned any time of year, although it responds very well to spring pruning. Keep plants lightly trimmed or pruned back harder, depending on whether you want to keep it in bounds or simply do a little shaping.

    Winter care. After plants are moved indoors for the winter, they may drop their leaves in response to going from a full-sun location to your home’s lighting. Place plants where they’ll receive as much sun as possible -- a sunroom or solarium is ideal. And if they do shed their leaves, water them sparingly just to keep the roots moist during the winter.

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