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Twilight Zone Standard Rose Tree
  • * images shown are of mature plants

    Twilight Zone Standard Rose Tree

    4.00 out of 5
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    Growing Zones: 5-9
    Growing Zones: 5-9
    Mature Height: 5 ft.
    Mature Width: 3 ft.
    Sunlight: Full Sun
    Spacing: 5 ft.
    Botanical: Rosa ‘WEKebtidere’ Twilight Zone™
    Cannot Ship to: AZ, LA

    Winner of the Most Fragrant Rose Award has Double Purple Blossoms

    If you enjoy roses for their fragrance as well as their color, grow Twilight Zone Standard Rose and you’ll have the best of both worlds! Among all of the international rose competitors from 40 countries, The World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) chose Twilight Zone as the most fragrant variety in 2017. But Twilight Zone’s fragrance is not outdone by its color and form – rich purple blooms with double petals are displayed to perfection on a tree-form standard!

    Captivating Fragrance
    According to the WFRS, the official description of Twilight Zone Rose’s scent is a “strong clove and spice fragrance.” Can you imagine walking in your garden or sitting in your favorite chair outside as a soft wind tickles your nose with this delicious scent? Or walking into a room in your home that’s filled with the perfume of freshly cut Twilight Zone Rose stems arranged in a vase? You can forget about scented candles and potpourri when the most fragrant room freshener comes from your own homegrown roses!

    The Ultimate Rose in Tree-Form!
    The Twilight Zone Rose is a tree, but it is also commonly known as an "standard” plant. When we say “standard,” we don’t mean a type or class of rose. It’s a carefully crafted look that results when a rose plant is grafted onto the top of a tall stem. This is what makes it resemble a dwarf tree – the stem is the tree “trunk” and the top growth of foliage and flowers are the tree’s “canopy.” If you’ve never grown a standard rose, you will love how they add such an elegant look to your garden or patio. And we think Twilight Zone is the ultimate standard rose because it has it all – stunning purple color, double flowers, unbelievable fragrance, and non-stop flowering!

    Grandiflora Roses – The Best of Two Varieties
    Twilight Zone Standard Rose is included in the class of “grandiflora” roses. This term was first used in 1954 to describe roses that resulted from crossing hybrid tea roses and floribunda roses. The name describes their look – grandiflora means “large flower” – and they truly are some of the largest roses you can grow. Their huge, fully double blooms are formed in clusters for lots of flowers on each plant. They’re also among the best cutting roses, so if you love having fresh-cut roses in your home, you’ll want to add Twilight Zone Rose to the top of your shopping list.

    Continuous Blooms All Season Long
    Wouldn’t you rather enjoy lots of roses all summer long instead of growing a plant that only sporadically produces flowers? Twilight Zone Rose Standard is a prolific bloomer, which produces loads of fragrant flowers all season long. From the opening of the first bloom in early summer, you’ll enjoy your flowers ‘til autumn!

    Add a Touch of Elegance
    Twilight Zone Standard Roses are a home designer’s dream. Even if they weren’t infused with an award-winning fragrance, their sumptuous color adds an unparalleled touch of beauty to any room in your home. Picture a vase filled with Twilight Zone Roses as the grand centerpiece for your dinner party. Or if you’re the hostess for a ladies’ luncheon, imagine floating Twilight Zone rose blossoms in shallow water bowls on your formal table. Even backyard summer buffets can be elegant with the simple addition of Twilight Zone Roses on the buffet table. We think you get the idea – has your inner creative genius been awakened by these ideas?

    Show it Off in a Container
    Standard roses are even more dynamic when grown in containers. Their already-tall tree-form look takes on more height with the elevation above ground in pots. And you won’t believe how easy it is to grow your Twilight Zone Standard Rose as a potted plant! Roses need good drainage, which pots provide. And because pots are moveable, you can place your tree-form plant in a spot that’s otherwise prohibitive to growing plants in the ground, such as on your sunny patio. In fact, it’s on a patio where Twilight Zone Standard Rose is a real showoff! Planted in an elegant ceramic pot next to your favorite patio chair or chaise, this dramatic plant can be admired up close while you enjoy its intoxicating scent.
    Gift idea: When you order your Twilight Zone Standard Rose, go ahead and order one for the gardener on your gift list. When family and friends see your plant, you know they’ll want one, too!

    Enhance Your Landscape Design
    We can’t think of any landscape that wouldn’t be improved with the addition of Twilight Zone Standard Rose. As long as you have a sunny spot to grow this breathtaking plant, it will be a guaranteed head-turner. As an outstanding specimen plant, Twilight Zone Rose will be the focal point you need to transform a pretty garden into a spectacular garden. The vertical interest of a standard rose gives it the height you want to add to a flower bed that’s filled with lower-growing flowers. Plant Twilight Zone Standard where it’s a grand centerpiece of a sunny flower bed or border garden. If you already have a rose garden, but it lacks a prominent focal point, Twilight Zone Standard will rise to this challenge – it’s a perfect plant to feature in your rose garden. Welcome guests to your garden by placing two Twilight Zone Standard Roses – one on each side of the entrance to your garden. Or welcome guests to your home by planting a single Twilight Zone Rose in a flower bed near your front door … or two plants – one on each side of the walkway that leads to your home’s entrance.

    A Burst of Complementary Colors
    Purple is a desirable color in any landscape because of its vibrancy and versatility. The University of Georgia notes that because purple is a secondary color, resulting from mixing blue and red primary colors, it can serve a dual purpose in the landscape. If you plant purple flowers near blue flowers, you have a “cool” color palette. But if you plant purple flowers near red flowers, you’ve created a “warm” color palette. And when you plant purple flowers near yellow flowers, each of these shades intensifies the other one! With these ideas in mind, plan your garden by using the purple flowers of Twilight Zone Standard Rose with the color combinations that most appeal to you.

    Recommendations for Growing Healthy Roses
    Some roses have indeed earned their reputation as being finicky plants, but that’s not true of all roses. Some of them need a little more care than other types of plants, but as long as you know how to meet their needs, you’ll easily grow healthy, happy, and productive plants.

    Sun. Roses needs lots of sun – at least 6-8 hours each day. Many problems with roses are simply a result of insufficient sunlight. Without enough light, roses may have sparse foliage and few flowers. And direct sun on the foliage helps dry the leaves after a morning dew and water from rainfall and irrigation. Wet foliage on roses leads to critical problems with fungal diseases that thrive in moisture.

    Water. Deep, thorough soakings are much better than light sprinklings of water. Shallow sprinklings don’t allow water to reach the entire root system, which means that the roots cannot absorb enough water to support the plant. The rule of thumb is 1 inch of water per week. If rainfall doesn’t supply this, garden hoses or soaker hoses offer the next best alternative. Overhead irrigation is not good for roses because it keeps the foliage unnecessarily wet.

    Mulch. A thick layer of mulch – 3 to 4 inches – applied around your plants works like a charm to help conserve soil moisture and suppress weeds.

    Drainage. The soil must drain well; otherwise, it becomes soggy, which can lead to root rot. This is why roses perform so well when planted in raised beds or containers – good drainage.

    Fertilizer. Because roses are heavy feeders, they have a higher demand for fertilizer than many other landscape plants. These are plants that greatly benefit from soil-test recommendations. An analysis of your soil will reveal the specific nutritional needs that you can supply your roses through fertilizer. Call on your Cooperative Extension Service to perform a soil test based on a 2-cup soil sample that you take to them. In the absence of a soil test, the University of Georgia recommends applying 3 tablespoons of 12-4-8 or 16-4-8 fertilizer (or an organic equivalent) each month from March through September. Broadcast this amount around each of your roses, lightly rake it into the soil, and water well to activate the fertilizer.

    Pruning. Your tree-form rose comes already pre-pruned! All you’ll need to do to maintain this shape is to trim any stems that sprout from the ground around the one main stem, prune out any branches that break or cross each other, and cut back the top growth to 12 inches in February to early March.

    Staking. Keep your standard rose staked to help support its single stem so that strong winds won’t break it.

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