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Espoma - Turn Hydrangeas Blue

  • Espoma - Turn Hydrangeas Blue

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Espoma - Turn Hydrangeas Blue

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Product Description

All-Natural Formula Lowers Soil pH Safely

The secret to blue blooms in your garden is here! With Espoma's Organic Soil Acidifier, a proprietary, all-natural formula, you'll be well on your way to transitioning your pink hydrangeas blue effortlessly.

Espoma's USDA-certified sulfur and gypsum formula is made with solar power. That means it lowers your soil pH without the need for harsh chemicals. Even better is the fact that it's safer than traditional aluminum sulfate, so you'll have blue blooms without the muss or fuss.

Simply apply to your pink hydrangeas or any other acid-loving plants in spring. It couldn't be easier to use: Use the formula in the spring and repeat your application every 60 days until you achieve your desired soil pH and color for your blooms.

Whether you use it for hydrangeas or blueberries and magnolias or even evergreens, Espoma's Organic Soil Acidifier gets the job done. After you've followed package instructions for your plant and completed your application, just water thoroughly. No guesswork or hassle for you - only bright blue blooms and better growth for your acid-loving plants!

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