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Tropical Fruit Tree Care Kit

  • Tropical Fruit Tree Care Kit
  • Tropical Fruit Tree Care Kit
  • Tropical Fruit Tree Care Kit
  • Tropical Fruit Tree Care Kit

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Tropical Fruit Tree Care Kit

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  • Care Kit $19.99

Product Description

Grow Tasty, Tropical Fruit at Home

There's nothing better the taste of tropical fruit you grew yourself. And this GrowScripts Tropical Fruit Tree Care Kit gives you everything you need to help your tropical fruit trees thrive.

Whether you're growing bananas, mangos, papayas, lychee or dragon fruit, this Tropical Fruit Tree Care Kit will help promote healthy growth, with three high-quality products designed to help you grow more fruit at home.

Even better? This Care Kit also works well for olive trees!

Our Tropical Fruit Tree Care Kit includes everything you need to help your tropical fruit trees thrive throughout the growing season:

  • A double dose of 18-5-10 fertilizer to feed tropical fruit trees and encourage fruit production
  • Two doses of essential micronutrient spray, for healthy transplanting and increased growth
  • Two doses of nutrient spray including Magnesium, Calcium and Boron, for stronger stems to support fruit
  • Plus, an easy-to-use calendar with directions for exactly when and how to apply these products

These must-have products can give you more buds and blooms on your tropical fruit trees and olive trees in just a few weeks. Plus, it's safe to use, with no harmful chemicals.

Get happier, healthier tropical fruit trees with our Tropical Fruit Tree Care Kit. Order yours today! 

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