Brighter Blooms Nursery

When you order from Brighter Blooms, you get...

Fast, reliable shipping. Most orders ship the next business day (unless otherwise noted on the website), via FedEx to ensure they arrive in ideal condition.

Healthy, well-developed plants. Our plants are 1-2 years older than ones from other nurseries.

More flowers, sooner! These older plants have already bloomed in our nursery, and will explode with new growth once they arrive at your door. They make an immediate impact to your landscape.

Low-maintenance varieties. Don't spend your whole weekend spraying chemicals. These plants won't demand much attention, so you can enjoy your garden!

Better Results. All the plants in our nursery have been bred for long-term health and performance. Our plant specialists expertly prune each plant before we send it to you, so they arrive symmetrical and ready to pack on new blooms and faster growth.


Watch the video below to learn more about our shipping process...


Brighter Blooms Nursery ships most items immediately throughout the year, at times when it's most convenient for you. Usually, your order is shipped within three business days after you place it! This ensures that your plants arrive in great condition.

Most other nurseries only fulfill orders during certain times of the year, making you wait months to receive your plants.

Enjoy knowing that you get older, well-developed plants that make an immediate impact in your landscape. No more waiting years for blooms!

Just look at our plants below vs. a plant we ordered from our competitors:

Our Plants vs. Theirs

Large plants from Brighter Blooms Nursery grow faster, bloom quicker and require less maintenance.

Occassionally shipping is delayed for extreme weather conditions or other factors. If you wish to delay your order, please call us at 800-399-9514.

We strive to bring you the healthiest plants possible, so we ship via FedEx. We've used all the major carriers- FedEx has consistely delivered plants the quickest and safest.