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Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree
  • Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree
  • Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree
  • Growing Zones: 3-7
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    Mature Height: 4-5 ft.
    Mature Width: 4-5 ft.
    Sunlight: Full Sun
    Blooms: Spring, Summer
    Spacing: 4-5 ft.
    Botanical: Syringa 'Penda'
    Cannot Ship to: AZ
    Plant Directions: Sent with Order
    This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

    Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree

    Bloomerang Purple Lilac Tree
    • 4-5 ft.
    • 5-6 ft.
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    The Only Reblooming Lilac Tree!

    If you love lilacs but have always wished for a longer blooming season, try the reblooming Bloomerang Lilac tree!

    • Get blooms twice a year- in mid-May, and again from July to first frost!
    • It has a magnificent fragrance that fills the air with its jasmine scent
    • Perfect near patios, at the corners of your home, or along sidewalks and entryways

    The Perfect Standard for Lilac Lovers
    For those of us who love the blooms, fragrance and color of lilacs, the Bloomerang Purple Lilac is the tree for you. It is a dwarf lilac and perfect for any garden for almost any use. Looks great anywhere... but we recommend plating near your patio, so you can smell its sweet scent when you're entertaining guests.

    An Abundance of Reblooming Flowers
    You can expect your Bloomerang Lilac Tree to give you its major blooming season in May. You'll get a full month of fragrant blooms. Then, in July, you'll get round two... this is the only reblooming lilac tree you can find! It will continue to bloom until the first frost. This continual explosion of color and fragrance plus the dwarf size make the Bloomerang and ideal hedge around any property.

    Looks Great in Groups or by Itself
    Of course, this lilac also makes a beautiful feature tree as a stand-alone in the garden. The blooms also make for gorgeous cut flowers and will fill your home with "lilac perfume" for months!

    A Few Planting Tips
    The Bloomerang Lilac is planted like other lilacs. The hole must be at least twice the size of the root ball. The root ball should be planted about an inch or two below the soil level. In heavy clay soils, the hole should be larger and amended with organics such as compost and peat moss. Please remember that all lilacs should be lightly pruned and fertilized after blooming, not before! To encourage a strong root system, you might want to pick off the faded blooms to let the plant focus on establishing its root systems.

    These trees will be delivered in "growbags", which are different than typical pots. The bags are more eco-friendly... all you need to do is cut five or six slits in the bag and plant it in the ground with the tree!

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