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Blueberry Smoothie™ Tropical Hibiscus Tree

Blueberry Smoothie™ Tropical Hibiscus Tree

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Growing Zones: 5-9
Growing Zones: 5-9
Mature Height: 6-8 ft.
Mature Width: 4-6 ft.
Sunlight: Full - Partial
Spacing: 3-4 ft.
Botanical: Hibiscus syriacus ‘Ds01bs’
Cannot Ship to: AZ

Bodacious Blue Flowers

The color blue is an uncommon color in the floral spectrum, which makes Blueberry Smoothie™ Hibiscus Tree Form (Hibiscus syriacus ‘Ds01bs’) a dramatic addition to your garden. Adding to its drama, Blueberry Smoothie™ has double flowers! And it gets better -- we’ve elevated its stature to that of a tree-form shrub. This means that the typical (natural) shrub form of this plant has been carefully pruned and trained to look like a small tree!

A Rose by Another Name
You may know Blueberry Smoothie™ Hibiscus by another name -- Rose-of-Sharon. But no matter what you call it, this species of hardy hibiscus is a classic garden favorite. It’s earned a tried-and-true reputation as an outstanding performer in the garden because of its versatility, adaptability and beauty.

Double Flowers will Double the Impact in Your Garden
Full and frilly, the bluish-purple flowers of Blueberry Smoothie™ Hibiscus are produced in profusion on these tree-form plants. The ruffled edges of each flower petal contrast beautifully with the serrated leaves to make this plant a true conversation piece among your garden guests. By the time your spring- and early summer-blooming flowers have played out, Blueberry Smoothie™ Hibiscus starts putting on a show!

Tough Plant; Easy Care
For its magnificent floral display, Blueberry Smoothie™ Hibiscus is remarkably easy to grow:

Sun. Although it can tolerate partial shade, Blueberry Smoothie™ Hibiscus performs best in full sun. This plant can handle sunny locations that cause other plants to struggle.

Soil. Blueberry Smoothie™ Hibiscus is not too fussy about the type of soil you have in your yard.

Water. Although Blueberry Smoothie™ Hibiscus prospers in moist, well-draining soil, you’ll find it’s a trooper during times of moderate drought. (Tip: be sure to keep newly transplanted plants watered well until they’re established.)

Fertilizer. Don’t overdo the fertilizer for this plant; simply apply an all-purpose fertilizer in early spring and follow label recommendations.

Insider’s Design Tip
Although you can certainly plant Blueberry Smoothie™ Hibiscus directly in the ground, it’s a snap to grow in a large container, even though it grows in a tree form. Plant two of them -- one on either side of your home’s front entrance -- and everyone who visits will ask…”What is this stunning plant?!”

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