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Sunset Glow Bamboo
Growing Zones: 7-9
What's my zone?
Mature Height: 8-10 ft.
Mature Width: 8-10 ft.
Sunlight: Full - Partial
Spacing: 8-10 ft.
Botanical: Fargesia rufa
Cannot Ship to: AZ
This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

Sunset Glow Bamboo

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Unique Dwarf Bamboo

Exotic Appearance
Not only for giant pandas, Sunset Glow Bamboo adds an exotic touch to any garden. This clumping bamboo is perfect for smaller gardens and courtyards, bringing a tropical feeling to urban settings.

Unlike some other bamboos, Sunset Glow is non-invasive, spreading only a few inches a year. This means that you can plant it and know that it won't take over your yard or wreck your carefully planned garden design. Sunset Glow's long emerald green leaves are a contrast against its fiery-red canes for just a pop of color, but not too much to detract from the zen-like look and feel of this plant.

Perfect for Privacy
Sunset Glow bamboo is one of the most popular privacy plants available. Growing up to 8 feet high, this bamboo is perfect to use as a privacy screen around your deck or to hide unsightly features in your garden, such as a fence or a garden shed. Sunset Glow is equally happy in the ground or growing in containers, so you can plant it in a mass for a forest-like appearance or use individual plants as a focal point that's really unique. The slender leaves arch downwards giving a cascading appearance that highlights the height of the plant.

For Beginner and Professional Gardeners Alike
With Sunset Glow bamboo, you plant it and just about leave it alone. It's one of the hardiest bamboos, fast growing and disease and pest resistant. Deer don't like it either. Sunset Glow can handle harsh sunlight, wind and drought conditions and its leaves won't shrivel up in these conditions, unlike some other bamboos. But if you give it just a little care, with some shade and regular watering, especially in hot periods, you'll be rewarded with a stunning professional-looking landscape plant.

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