Evergreen & Privacy Trees

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Evergreen & Privacy Trees for fast, dense growth.

Evergreen & Privacy Trees

Evergreen & Privacy Trees deliver year-round color and structure in a landscape. From providing privacy and concealing the neighbors' yards to adding architectural interest and character to a garden, Evergreen & Privacy Trees serve as beautiful, wildlife-friendly anchors in your landscape.

How and When to Plant Evergreen & Privacy Trees

Though specific directions vary depending on the Evergreen & Privacy Trees you purchase, knowing your growing zone is an important first step.

After you've determined your zone, purchased your trees and received your trees, give them a good drink, particularly if you plan to wait a day or two to plant them.

Proper site selection and preparation will help grow a happy plant. Full to partial sun (4 to 8 hours of sunlight each day), good drainage, and adequate airflow are all ingredients for a healthy tree.

Late fall or early spring are ideal times to plant trees, allowing the plants to settle in without severe heat stress or impending freezes before roots establish in their new home.

When you're ready to plant, dig a hole approximately twice as large as the tree's root ball.

Loosen the tree in the container, carefully removing it, and massaging the root ball. Place in the center of the hole, making certain the soil lines of both the root ball and the hole align. You want to ensure that you don't plant the trunk too deep in the hole. Backfill the hole, pressing the soil into place. Finally, water well, add a layer of mulch over the site and watch the amazing growth take hold.

Each spring, add a layer of compost over the planting site, as well as a good, organic fertilizer. And keep your tree well-watered through the first growing season, watering once or twice per week. As it becomes established in your garden, normal rainfall should suffice. Most evergreens are fairly drought tolerant once established.

What are the Best Evergreen & Privacy Trees?

Spacing and More

Any of our Privacy Trees are ideal for providing a green screen, windbreak, and more, but the space you have will depend on your ideal pick. Go with a tree like the Sky Pencil Holly for narrower spaces. Because it is narrower and more compact, it is suitable for tight regions.

The Thuja Green Giant and Emerald Green are both timeless favorites if the spacing is not a problem. But regardless of which Evergreen & Privacy Trees you choose, spacing is important. As a rule, most evergreen Privacy Trees need more space (6 to 8 feet between each tree), while pines and spruces need 10 to 12 feet of spacing.

As if the beauty of evergreens wasn't enough of a reason to add them to your garden, Evergreen & Privacy Trees can block wind, provide shade, and reduce your heating and cooling bills. What's not to love?

How to Prune Evergreen & Privacy Trees

Broadleaf evergreens require little pruning. When necessary, prune just after flowering. Remove dead, sick, and crossing stems, as well as any stray stems, to maintain a clean shape. Pruning is typically needed only when a tree outgrows its site. Save yourself work by selecting trees appropriate to the space allocated.

Most Evergreen Trees we offer require minimal maintenance. If necessary, clip new growth to maintain shape in spring for non-flowering varieties, or after blooms fade.

Spacing: Dense Layers

Evergreen & Privacy Trees

Spacing: Thujas
Evergreen & Privacy Trees
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