Crocodile Fern Microsorum musifolium

Crocodile Fern

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Crocodile Fern Microsorum musifolium

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Product Description

The Exotic Crocodile Patterned House Plant You’re Missing

Calling all animal print and house plant lovers! The Crocodile Fern is the ultimate crossover for you. This unique fern comes coated with a crocodile skin pattern and texture on the leaves. Bright green in color, it will add a truly exotic look and feel to your house plant collection.

Native to Southeast Asia and Australia, the Crocodile Fern grows as an epiphyte (a plant that grows on other plants). The leaves have a leathery feel and curl up at the edges, growing similar in shape to a crocodile tail. The fronds grow in tight clusters around 5-10 inches in length.

Most people grow the Crocodile Fern as a house plant, but it also works well in containers outside in zones 10-11. They enjoy partial, indirect light and prefer lightweight, moist soil. Crocodile Ferns grow at a moderate rate and can reach 2-3 ft high and 1-2 ft wide.

A non-toxic plant, the Crocodile Fern works well in all kinds of homes. The plant likes humidity, and can turn brown from the lack of moisture in the air. Be careful not to overwater, as it can cause root rot, attract fungus gnats, and fungal and bacterial issues.

Step outside the box with the Crocodile Fern and place your order online today!

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Start by choosing a proper location for your Crocodile Fern. An east or north-facing window is ideal since it grows best in filtered or indirect light. Once you’ve chosen your location, plant in a pot that’s approximately twice the size of your plant’s shipped container.

2. Watering: Ferns love humidity, and it’s easy to provide a humid environment by placing your plant in a bathroom, kitchen, or near a humidifier. Your fern can be placed in other spaces, but it’s important to mist regularlyat least twice weekly. If you’re not sure when to mist, simply check the soil 2 inches deep. If the soil is dry, it’s time to mist your plant.

3. Fertilizing: During the growing season, from April to September, fertilize your Crocodile Fern once a month using a houseplant fertilizer or a 10-10-10 formula.

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Product Details

Growing Zones: Indoors
Indoors Map
  • Mature Height: 2-3 ft.
  • Mature Width: 1-2 ft.
  • Sunlight: Partial, Indirect Bright Light
  • Does Not Ship To: AZ

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