Hazelnut Pollinator Pack Corylus avellana 'Jefferson'; Corylus avellana 'Theta'

Hazelnut Pollinator Pack

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Hazelnut Pollinator Pack Corylus avellana 'Jefferson'; Corylus avellana 'Theta'

Product Description

Enjoy Buttery Hazelnuts From Your Own Backyard

Delectable hazelnuts are now easier than ever to grow and harvest at your home!

Since Hazelnut Trees are not self-pollinating, they need to cross-pollinate with another variety to produce nuts. In the Hazelnut Pollinator Pack, we’ve paired the Theta Filbert Hazelnut and Jefferson Filbert Hazelnut Tree together, so you can harvest delicious hazelnuts conveniently in your very own backyard!

In optimal conditions, you can get gorgeous, copper-colored hazelnuts less than one year after planting! These nutty trees are cherished for their strength, hardiness, and showy green leaves. Drought-resistant and fast-growing, they thrive in a variety of conditions. For the best hazelnut production, plant in USDA growing zones 5-8, with at least six hours of full sunlight.

Once established, your Hazelnut Trees will produce an abundant harvest of large, buttery-flavored hazelnuts. In the fall, you’ll be able to harvest your hazelnuts and enjoy them in a variety of sweet or savory recipes — like roasted on top of ice cream or folded into warm chocolate brownies.

Get the Hazelnut Pollinator Pack today, and enjoy easy-to-grow, delicious hazelnuts at home!

NOTE: This product cannot ship to Oregon.

Planting & Care

Planting: Both the Theta Filbert Hazelnut and the Jefferson Filbert Hazelnut Tree can tolerate partial shade but prefer around six hours of full or partial sunlight daily in well-drained soil.

To plant your pollinator pack, dig a hole that’s just as deep as the root ball, and three times as wide. (Plant each tree in a separate hole.)

Note: Be sure the trees are planted close to each other so they will produce hazelnuts.

Backfill the hole with soil and lightly press as you go to eliminate air pockets. Water, then mulch the area to preserve moisture.

Watering: Keep the soil for your hazelnut tree moist, not over saturated. Feel your soil every few days, once it feels like it’s close to drying out give your tree a slow watering by holding a hose to its base and counting to 30 seconds.

Fertilizing: Hazelnut trees don’t require fertilizer often. It’s best to wait two to three years before fertilizing them. To give your tree a boost for healthy growth in the summer feed it some well-balanced organic fertilizer like formula 10-10-10 in the late winter or early spring.

Pruning: The best time to prune is in the late winter or early spring when your tree is still dormant. Be sure to remove any dead or broken branches, as well as crisscrossing or rubbing branches. Also, look for branches sticking straight upwards, these are non-fruit bearing branches that can easily be removed. Before pruning make sure that you have a sharp and sterile pair of hand pruners or loppers.

Weed Control: Weeds often compete with young trees for nutrients, so if you see any within two to three feet of the base of your tree you should remove them by pulling them upwards out of the ground in a twisting motion.

Tip: By spreading a layer of mulch around your tree that’s 2 to 3 inches thick it will prevent weeds from growing, and help the soil retain moisture.

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 5-8 outdoors

            5-8 outdoors
     Map 5-8 outdoors (hardy down to -10℉)
  • Mature Height: 8-10 ft.
  • Mature Width: 6-8 ft.
  • Sunlight: Full - Partial
  • Spacing: 8-10 ft.
  • Does Not Ship To: AZ, CA, WA, OR

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