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Palm Trees

Growing Zones: 7-11
Our Price: $59.99
Growing Zones: 5-10
Our Price: $69.99
Growing Zones: 4-11 Patio / 8-11 Outdoors
Our Price: $29.99
Growing Zones: 8-11
Our Price: $59.99
Growing Zones: 6-11
Our Price: $59.99
Growing Zones: 4-11 (potted) 9-11 (in ground)
Our Price: $39.99
Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors
Our Price: $49.99
Growing Zones: 4-8 Patio / 9-11 Outdoors
Our Price: $59.99
Growing Zones: 3-11 Container / 8-11 Outside
Our Price: $59.99

You don't have to live in the tropics to enjoy palm trees in your yard! Even northern homeowners can add cold hardy palms trees to the landscape. Your neighbors will be amazed when you plant Windmill Palm trees around your pool or patio... and they survive a Michigan winter! This palm will add a touch of the exotic in many a sunny spaces.

Windmill palms have become all the rage around the world for their easy to grow beauty and elegance. The shrubby Needle Palm trees are also very popular because it will adapt to some really difficult growing conditions. Excellent in containers and very tolerant of conditions like chlorinated pool water, frigid winters and baking summers.

You can easily succeed in growing the palm trees shipped from Brighter Blooms Nursery. Your palm trees will arrive with mature root systems that will make them adapt easily to your location. We ship plant them and enjoy the beauty palms across the USA.
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